5-Pack Holy Ganja CBD Oil Water Soluble 4.0%

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Holy Ganja CBD Water Soluble is a rich cannabinoid formulation based on curcuma. Water-soluble absorption is fast, efficient and provides increased bioavailability. It is our tasty and drinkable alternative for CBD oil which gives the ultimate CBD experience with an unparalleled rate of absorption by your body. Faster onset and super effective

We have increased the bioavailability up to 10x by making it water soluble. The product contains CBD, CBC and CBG, a high dosage of curcumin and the same ratio of terpenes as the primal hemp. Based on our patented Water Soluble formula. For those looking for a lovely tasting and extremely effective CBD oil.

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The Innovative
Water Soluble

With Curcumin


In this 10ml bottle there’s about 100 pumps of CBD oil, and with one to two pump per day you will have a nice dosage. Pump the drops directly in your mouth, under your tongue, to have a fast uptake, or mix it up in your coffee, tea or fruit juice!


Always shake first, then pump!


This water soluble CBD oil is carried by the mighty curcumin root. Curcumin has a lot of natural benefits — and it helps to uptake CBD even faster due to it’s water soluble quality. This way the 4.0% is as effective as our Traditional Raw CBD oil, and it’s tasty too!


We let our CBD oils be tested in a certified and independent lab.
If you’re curious about the cannabinoids, check out the labtests here.

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