The Holy Start

In the summer of 2016 the seed of Holy Ganja was planted in the stunningly beautiful rural area of eastern Portugal. A place where every 2 years more than 40.000 people gather to celebrate life in all its aspects: Boom Festival.
All the ingredients of the current foundation of Holy Ganja were served at Boomland: the healing plant power of hemp and CBD, cold organic drinks, beautiful art and most important: inspirational and creative people!
As we believe there is no such thing as coincidence, my path crossed with that of our current in-house illustrator Rosanne van Leusden – who introduced me to fellow Boomer – and our current creative designer Sophie de Haan.

Together we envisioned the idea of a pure plant based organic healthy energy drink, centered around the most powerful and healing plants of all: Hemp. Or in Sanskrit: Ganja! To which we added Holy, as we see the hemp plant family as the most sacred of all plants in terms of healing power.

Hence our brand name was born: Holy Ganja!

Although we are still in the development phase of the world’s first organic energy drink with pure hemp plant extract, we are proud and happy to already offer you our innovative Water Soluble CBD in its most pure and richest form. Using the best organic CBD extract, Holy Ganja Water Soluble CBD gives you everything you want from CBD and is mixable in your favorite drink.

Our goal for the future is to create a vivid community of Ganja lovers, of which we would like you to be a proud part of. Holy Ganja will serve a variety of the highest quality cannabis based products. Convenient, tasty, effective and beautifully designed. Because we believe CBD oil and edibles should be available to everyone pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Add it to yours now and join the tribe, you are most welcome……gorgeous! 😉

Holy Ganja Greetings,


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